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After Naipaul: from India to the Americas, a new Caribbean writing

        V.S Naipaul, British writer born in Trinidad in 1932, is
undoubtedly the most famous indo-Caribbean author. Winner of the Nobel
Prize in 2001, his novels and essays have known a great success. His
pessimistic and strong fiction and essays are representative of the
writing of exile and denounce the bad effect of colonialism, and the
brutal encounters of cultures.

      For 40 years Naipaul has been occupying the literary scene; but
has he told, and written everything for those Indians separated from
their native land. And are the preoccupations of the Indians scattered in
the Caribbean, Canada, the United States still the same that fed
Naipaul's narration.

       The names of several writers are strongly affirming themselves in
the indo-Caribbean diasporas horizon: David Dabydeen, Shani Mootoo,
Ramabai Espinet, Mahadai Das writers and poets shouting their
independence and their different vision of their double relation to India
and the Caribbean.

The project of book: After Naipaul from India to the Americas, a new
Caribbean writing has the ambition to explore today’s Indo-Caribbean
writing in the diversity of its themes; to analyze the writing strategies
developed by authors from Canada, the Caribbean or the United States. It
also wants to examine the different positions of the Indo-Caribbean
writers in relation to their multiple origins, and the cultural,
aesthetic, political, questions that are connected to that aspect.

We would like to receive proposals of papers on the Indo-Caribbean
writers whatever their nationality, (the list of authors
and themes is purely indicative).

Abstracts to be sent before January 30th and full papers before April
30th to

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