UPDATE: [20th] Space Between Society, 10th Annual Conference, June 13-14, 2008

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Genevieve Brassard
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Tenth Annual Conference of the Space Between Society
Northwestern University, Evanston Campus
June 13-14, 2008
Keynote speaker:
Jonathan Freedman
University of Michigan
author of The Temple of Culture

This conference addresses the representation or self-representation, and
interpretations of those migrant “Others” created between 1914-1945 by two
world wars, the Great Depression, and the reformation of national, ethnic,
racial, classed, and gendered identities and cultures.
We welcome paper proposals that address national, exile, and diaspora
literatures in all genres, and other art forms such as film, photography,
architecture, painting and sculpture, dissident political and sexual
expression, cultural and ethnic mythologies, environmental and
geographical interventions, and revivals and interpretations of such
cultural artifacts as ancient languages, national dress, dance, folklore,
music, and oral traditions.

Possibilities include:
• artists, intellectuals, filmmakers, reformers in exile or elsewhere
• Gay and Lesbian Culture in Exile at Home and Abroad
• Modernists, Surrealists, Realists in Self-Exile, or Politically and
Artistically Exiled
• Exilesâ€"from Nazism and Nazi Occupied Europe, and other Colonized sites
• Political “Others” Anywhere (political prisoners and dissident activists)
• Geographies of the “Other”(ghettos, migrant farming communities,
concentration camps, company towns)

Please send 300 word abstracts and brief CV to:

Phyllis Lassner: phyllisl_at_northwestern.edu by February 1, 2008

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