UPDATE: [Graduate] Writing the Wave: Major and Minor Trends in English Studies

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Katherine Bodrie
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Call for Papers: “Writing the Wave: Major and Minor Trends in English Studies”
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Graduate English Association Conference
April 18 & 19, 2008 (The conference is on April 19, but we plan to host a
social event the night before.)

   Merriam Webster concedes that the noun “trend” can mean “a prevailing
tendency or inclination,” “a general movement,” or “a current style or
preference.” Trends (i.e. eras or periods) are like waves on the ocean of
cultural history. They can be big (major) â€" having widespread and/or
lasting influence â€" or small (minor) â€" having a restricted and/or briefer
influence. They can develop from the momentum of previous trends or react
against previous trends. The influences upon trends can come from inside
or outside the trend itself.
   The Graduate English Association is inviting abstract submissions to its
third annual conference on April 19, 2008, entitled “Writing the Wave:
Major and Minor Trends in English Studies.” We welcome papers from all
fields of English studies: literature, literary theory, rhetoric,
composition, linguistics, creative writing, science writing, and
professional writing. We will also consider papers from other fields of
study â€" including, but not limited to, communications, philosophy,
economics, religion, and the sciences â€" that correspond with the “Writing
the Wave” theme. All participants’ abstracts and some papers will be
included in our informal publication.*
   Papers can follow different aspects of a major or minor trend: how a
trend (or counter-trend) arose, what a trend consists of, what influences a
trend is having/has had, etc.
   Abstract submissions of 300 words or fewer are due by March 1, 2008.
Please email abstracts as an attached Word document to uncwgea_at_gmail.com or
submit abstracts online at
http://student.uncw.edu/org/gea/Abstract_Paper_submissions.html. Also,
please refer to the GEA website for the most current conference
information: http://www.uncw.edu/gea.

* The informal publication, called Speculations, will consist of
participants’ abstracts and a limited number of papers (8-10 of what we
perceive to be best and most representative of the papers at the
conference) to be published on the GEA website. Although each individual
retains the copyright to his or her abstract and paper, the institution of
UNCW does not maintain copyright; therefore, participants are allowed to
seek publication of their papers elsewhere. For more information, please
visit: http://student.uncw.edu/org/gea/abstracts.html.

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