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Lucy Fife
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Reality, Reliability and Access in Performance and Media
Friday 11 April 2008
Department of Film, Theatre & Television â€" University of Reading

JAM 2008, the sixth annual conference for postgraduates run by postgraduates at the
Department of Film, Theatre and Television welcomes proposals that interrogate and put
pressure on the idea of ‘authenticity’ in film, theatre, television and new media.

The following themes and sample issues are central but not exclusive:

• Narrative â€" How important are issues of narrative status to both fictional and non-fictional
texts? In what various ways is interiority constructed, presented and limited?
• Authorship â€" How do we conceptualise the ‘author’ within the construction and reception
of the text? Does awareness of authorial intent affect practitioners, participants and academics
• Adaptation â€" In what ways does the process of adaptation modulate access to the text?
Does a change across mediums alter our perception and engagement with the adapted product’s
• Spectatorship and point of view â€" How does our perception of authenticity structure the
critical and emotional experience of different media forms? How does the construction of point
of view expand or limit our assessment of visual media and performance?
• Form â€" How is the construction and achievement of reality important to our understanding
of and engagement with the text? How does the complexity and ambiguity involved in access to
sound affect reliability of interpretation?
• Medium specificity â€" Do changes in performance rhetoric affect our understanding of
authenticity across differing visual media?
• Ethics â€" How does performance and text reliability affect public reception and response?
Does artistic intention disturb claims of authentic representation?
• Technology â€" What is the status of special-effects in relation to realism? Does the inherent
artificiality of digital effects inhibit engagement with them?

Call for papers extended deadline: Friday 1st February 2008

Please send a 250-word proposal and biographical note to Reina-Marie Loader & Lucy Fife at

Information will be regularly updated via our website http://www.reading.ac.uk/ftt/pg-research/

Journeys Across Media (JAM) is an annual one-day interdisciplinary conference organised by and
for postgraduate students. It provides a discussion forum for current and developing research in
film, theatre, television and ‘new media’. Previous delegates have welcomed the opportunity to
gain experience of presenting their work, at different stages of development, in the active,
friendly and supportive research environment of Film, Theatre & Television at the University of
Reading. Non-presenting delegates are also very welcome.

Supported by the Standing Committee of University Drama Departments (SCUDD)
and the Graduate School in Arts and Humanities, University of Reading.

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