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Jonathan Alexander
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“The Future of Bisexuality”
A special double issue of The Journal of Bisexuality
Edited by Jonathan Alexander, PhD, University of Cincinnati

This special double issue of The Journal of Bisexuality will explore the
future of bisexualityâ€"as an identity, as a community grouping, as a flash
point for activism, as a critical way to interrogate and understand hetero-
and mono-sexualities, and as an erotic inspiration for a variety of art
projects. The editor, Dr. Jonathan Alexander, invites scholarly, personal,
and experimental articles that explore what the future of bisexuality might
be in shifting cultural, social, and political climates. Collectively,
articles in this special double issue, whatever form they take, will trace
how bisexuality has emerged as a marker of identity, community, and
politics as a way of grounding a discussion of where bisexuality may take
usâ€"and the larger cultureâ€"as an identity, a community, and a politics.
Possible topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
• How has the emergence of bisexuality in specific communities, in the mass
media, in the public sphere affected larger discourses about sex and
sexuality? What are some long-term ramifications of such effects?
• How do bisexuals and bisexual communities affect social spacesâ€"and how
might such spaces be changed by the presence of bi- and bi-friendly people?
• What particular effectsâ€"social, ideological, politicalâ€"are made possible
by the increasing visibility of “B” in the LGBT conglomerate? How has the
LGBT community changedâ€"and how might it continue to changeâ€"because of a
growing “B” presence?
• How might increasing understandings of bisexual or bi-erotic relations in
other cultures affect Western understandings and topologies of sex and
• What might future sexualities look like, and how might contemporary
bisexuality impact the construction of such identities?
• What does science fiction (or even science “fact” about sex and
sexuality) tell us about the future of bisexuality?

Queries should be sent to Dr. Jonathan Alexander at
Proposals for articles should be submitted by March 15, 2008. Full drafts
of requested articles will be due May 1, 2008.

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