CFP: [Theatre] From Page to Stage Working Group [IFTR/FIRT Seoul, South Korea, 1/14-19 2008]

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Kurt Taroff
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Media(tion) & The Dramatic Text:
>From Page to Stage to . . . ?

        Building on our recent conference meetings, the ‘From Page to Stage’
working group seeks to continue its exploration of theatrical performance
through the lens of translation/adaptation studies, one of the fastest
growing areas of the humanities. While issues of translation have always
been relevant in the broader context of the academy, drama and performance
departments have largely skirted the discussion. Why is there a divide
between English and Comparative Literatures, while the question of working
in an “original” language rarely seems a major issue in performance? This
issue becomes increasingly crucial as communication and globalization
present us with an ever more interconnected world. What
problems/opportunities arise as we move dramatic texts across nations and
cultures, and indeed, from the page to the stage? How do we (or do we, at
all) translate/adapt cultural mores and attitudes that may not exist for
the target audience? And how do the specific demands of the stage and its
audience alter the process of literary and cultural adaptation? For its
2008 session in Seoul, South Korea, the ‘From Page to Stage’ working group
invites papers that explore issues of translation and adaptation across
nations, cultures and media. Theatrical adaptations are the focus of the
group, but all aspects of the translation/adaptation process, as well as of
the traditional process of staging dramatic texts are of interest.

The group welcomes (but is not limited to) papers addressing the conference
theme of “Re-constructing Asianness(es) in the Global Age.” Papers
accepted to the working group will also be considered for a book project
being compiled by the group. Please submit proposals to Kurt Taroff at by March 1, 2008.

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