CFP: [Collections] Special Issue: Region and Culture (Including Society)(Vol. 35, July 2008)

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National Central University Journal of Humanities
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The main theme of this issue is regional culture and society with
emphasis on the culture development, characteristics, transformation and
social changes of a region. It includes topics of a region such as its
ethnicity, religion, literature, philosophy, arts, economics, material
life, social class structure, power network, and international
relationship, and how they shape the cultures, social activities,
meanings, exchanges and competitions of the region. The problem may also
be discussed from an inter-regional perspective to compare the difference
between regional cultures and societies, or to analyze the impacts of the
transposition of a regional culture and how it inherits and is
transformed. As globalization is the current trend of academic research,
the micro reflection and rethinking of regions and cultures as well as
societies could provide a more substantial ground for the macroscopic and
inter-disciplines investigation. We welcome scholars of history,
literature, philosophy, politics, geography and other related disciplines
to contribute to the theme and share your research achievements.

Please send submissions by post or email to, no later than
April 15, 2008. For more details, please visit our website at:

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