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Amy Kaufman

The 23rd Annual Conference on Medievalism
International Society for Studies in Medievalism
October 9th -11th, 2008
Wesleyan College: Macon, Georgia

People in almost every time and place since the Middle Ages have put the
medieval to work in different ways to create cultural meaning. How does
the place, time, or space of the reception of the Middle Ages affect its
interpretation? What elements of the fantasy of the medieval are
selected, distilled, altered, or discarded? In what ways does the
literature or propaganda of the 19th Century American South, for
instance, differ from the medieval fantasies of World War II Germany? Do
Renaissance authors on the border of the Middle Ages, such as Shakespeare
and Spenser, 'do' medievalism differently from Calvino, from Eco, from
John Steinbeck, or from Marion Zimmer Bradley? Does medievalism in
contemporary Asian literature or film manifest differently from European
dreams of the Middle Ages? What prompts a culture to promote the fantasy
of its medieval past?

At the 23rd Annual Conference on Medievalism, we will focus on the ways
in which different regions (broadly conceived as nations, states,
cultural groups, etc.) in different times and places have fantasized
about and attempted to revive and revise aspects of the Middle Ages.
Though papers that address this topic are especially encouraged,
submissions on any aspect of medievalism or neomedievalism are invited,
including the following:
ï'˜ Medievalism and its contemporary medium (film, graphic novels,
fiction, television, music, etc.)
ï'˜ Medievalism and ethnic identity
ï'˜ Medievalism and nationalism
ï'˜ Medievalism in politics
ï'˜ Neomedievalism: continuing its definition and debate
ï'˜ Medievalism in new media (games, software, virtual space, etc.)
ï'˜ The medievalism of religion
ï'˜ Gendering and/or 'queering' the Middle Ages
ï'˜ Marketing the Middle Ages
ï'˜ The medievalist or neomedieval classroom space

Please submit abstracts of 300 words or less to Amy Kaufman at by April 15, 2008. You may also send
abstracts by mail or fax to: Amy Kaufman, Assistant Professor, Department
of English, Wesleyan College, 4760 Forsyth Road, Macon, GA, USA, 32310-
4462, Phone: 1 (478) 757-5232, Fax: 1 (478) 757-5110

A note on special sessions: If you wish to organize a special session for
the conference, please contact Amy Kaufman before March 1st, 2008:

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