CFP: [International] International Joyce Symposium, Tours, France, June 15-20, 2008

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Rodica Ieta
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L’année dernière à Dublin: James Joyce and European Cinema

Cinema’s influence on Joyce’s work has been scrutinized mostly as far as
period films are concerned: silent movies that Joyce saw or may have been
aware of or seen; the connection between popular culture and Joycean
themes, characters, or plot situations; silent cinema and Joycean narrative
techniques. In this panel, I would like to expand the field of connections
by drawing parallels between Joyce’s fiction and representative movements
in European cinema (French New Wave, Italian neo-realism, New German
cinema, the Danish Dogma productions, or the Berlin School) and/or European
auteur films (Bergman, Antonioni, the Taviani brothers, for example). In
following the Symposium’s venue and theme, the papers are intended to open
a new path for investigating Joyce’s work via a re-nascent detour through
European cinema from the 1960’s onwards. They will discuss the cinematic
texture of Joyce’s works (spatial and/or temporal arrangement, character
framing, compositional structure) through the lens of any post-WW II
European film movement and/or auteurs.
Why do film adaptations of “The Dead,” A Portrait of the Artist as a Young
Man, or Ulysses fail to capture the complexity of their respective written
texts? While language may serve as an obvious answer, I would like the
panel to explore other possibilities: hypertextual layers of narrative,
lack of closure at the level of both plot and character (which comes across
differently through cinematic devices), incongruent emphases across the two
media. Moreover, the papers are expected to cross-pollinate Joycean texts
and auteur films, hence to establish new intersections and to generate
fruitful thought experiments, in keeping with Joyce’s legacy.
If you would like to participate in this panel and/or for any inquiries,
please contact Rodica Ieta at Please send 250-word
abstracts by March 15, 2008 to both Rodica Ieta and the symposium organizers.

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