UPDATE: [General] Women's Studies Quarterly - Special Issue: Technologies

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Stacie McCormick

Current Call: Technologies
Guest Editors: Karen Throsby and Sarah Hodges

*Deadline for Abstracts: April 15*

As forms of knowledge, as practices, and as artefacts, technologies
have reshaped, and continue to reshape, the ways we think, write,
create, and perceive the self, the body and the community. This
special issue of WSQ invites feminist work that considers the concept
of technology, conceived broadly, and explores the multiple
technologiesâ€"whether high-tech or low-tech, futuristic, contemporary,
or historicalâ€"that are influencing us.

In keeping with the established format of inter- and trans-
disciplinary aims of WSQ, we welcome academic papers as well as first-
person narratives, poetry, fiction, and art as a means of considering
technologies. We are also interested in work that creatively uses as
well as considers both new and familiar forms of technology, and we
are actively exploring the possibility of mounting special websites
or other interactive internet technologies to accommodate unusual

Some of the topics we would like this issue to explore include:


      Digital technologies and writing and media in the digital age

      Medical technologies, biotechnologies, and biocapital

      Cyborgian and posthuman subjectivities/future

      Visual culture/ technology and popular culture/ virtual realities

      Educational reform and digital pedagogy

      Online community-building and activism

      New forms of information dissemination

      Authorial property and plagiarism

      Global capital and technology

      Literary access and historical information

      New museums

      New issues in the sciences

      Everyday technologies

      Technology and work

      The non-use / refusal of technologies

      Sport and leisure

We invite abstracts from all disciplinary and artistic homes
including but not limited to media studies, history of science,
literature and the humanities, biomedical fields, legal studies, art
history, the social sciences, cultural studies, and pedagogy.
If submitting academic work, please send abstracts by April 15, 2008
to the guest editors Karen Throsby and Sarah Hodges at:
WSQTechIssue_at_gmail.com . If accepted:

Full papers should be no longer than 22 pages, and will be due by
July 2, 2008.

Poetry submissions should be sent to WSQ's poetry editor Kathleen
Ossip, at ossipk_at_aol.com, by July 2, 2008.

Fiction, essay, and memoir submissions should be sent to WSQ's
fiction/nonfiction editor, Susan Daitch, at sed372_at_aol.com by July 2,

Art submissions should be sent to WSQTechIssue_at_gmail by July 2, 2008.
Please keep in mind that after art is reviewed and accepted, accepted
art must be sent to the journal's managing editor on a CD that
includes all artwork of 300 DPI or greater, saved as 4.25 inches wide
or larger. These files should be saved as individual JPEGS or TIFFS.

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