CFP: [General] Border States: Mental, Political, and Textual Landscapes

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Philipa Haly-Summerfield & Mary Trabucco
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Border States
Mental, Political, and Textual Landscapes

12th Annual Work-in-Progress postgraduate conference
8â€"10 August 2008
English, Media Studies and Art History, University of Queensland
Keynotes: Professor Simon During, Johns Hopkins University; and Professor
Gordon McMullan, King’s College London
Deadline: 16 July 2008
Convenors: Philipa Haly-Summerfield and Mary Trabucco

“the passage is a city, a world in miniature” (Benjamin The Arcades Project)

Borders define the imaginative territories of the mind, the nation state
and the cultural text at the very moment that they reveal their porosity.
The figure of the border suggests a world of related metaphors with which
literature and other arts approach the boundaries of texts, discourses and
disciplines. We encourage papers that freely interpret the border and the
figure of the border, including explorations of sovereignty, power, self
and other. Proposals for papers might address the poetry and politics of
frontiers, watchtowers, border conflict, and encounters with the foreign;
or thresholds, the “rough edges” of maps, “cartographic silence” and No
Man’s Land. We also encourage explorations of “invisible geographies”, of
the concealed and the spectral â€" explorations, that is, of that which
haunts us without “yet manifest[ing] itself on the visible surface of the
earth” (Gregory and Pred, Violent Geographies).

We invite abstracts (up to 300 words) from across the arts and humanities
for 15-20 minute papers. Themes to consider include:

• National borders
• Interventions
• Border transgressions and incursions
• Physical and figurative Australian borders
• The ethics of self and other
• Psychological borders
• Hosts and parasites
• Cooperation across borders
• Psychoanalytic topographies
• Past and present
• Living and dying
• Memory and haunting
• Topography and landscape
• The figure of the border within poetry
• The global reach of modern technologies
• Textual borders
• Sovereignty
• Territory
• Centre and periphery
• “Vanishing points”: exceptions to state power
• Outside borders: formlessness, amorphousness, the void
• A critique of state-centred ideologies from the border
• Transnational texts
• Domestic space
• Border pedagogy

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