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Eun-Gwi Chung
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>From Global to Glocal: The Future of American Studies
The 43rd Annual International Conference of the American Studies
Association of Korea
October 24-25, 2008
Seoul, Korea

>From Global to Glocal: The Future of American Studies

   Today we are witnessing an era of unprecedented economic, political,
military, technological, and cultural interconnection, namely an era of
globalization. In this era of globalization, the field of American
Studies faces both challenges and opportunities. Challenges arise in the
sense that globalization is often seen as loosely synonymous with
Americanization and the subjects of American Studies become targets of
criticism for helping to create a uniform world―a world where barriers
disappear, cultures become amalgamated into a global whole, and American
capitalism triumphs. Opportunities emerge as globalization precipitates
the response of the local and the formation of new identities over the
world, while American Studies is expected to uncover the twin process of
globalization of the local and the localization of globality.
   American Studies continues to undergo significant changes. It is now
more of a study of diverse cultures and of diverse population than of one
single American character and it has attempted to cross the geographical
border of the United States and place American culture and society in a
global context. Some of the keywords that characterize recent studies
include "transnational," "intercultural," "multicultural," "diasporic,"
and "comparative."
   While these changes are promising, the ASAK International Conference
of 2008 will continue to ask American Studies scholars to explore the
meaning of American Studies in regarding to glocalization, a more
historically grounded understanding of the complicated view of the
globalized world. We look forward to experiencing new perspectives and
debates concerning globalization, glocalization, and their relationship
to the United States and to Americanization.
   We seek innovative scholarship that questions the future of American
Studies in a glocalized context, from any discipline or from multiple
disciplines, including (but not limited to) political science, history,
sociology, literature and cultural studies. Please submit a one-page
proposal and your curriculum vitae by April 30, 2008, to Professor Jin
Hee Kim at

   The conference committee will respond by May 15, 2008, by e-mail. ASAK
will provide local expenses (local transportation, room and board) for
all international participants.

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