CFP: [Rhetoric-Composition] CCCC 2009: Graduate Writing and New Assistant Professors

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Tara Lockhart
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2009 CCCC
March 11- 14
San Francisco, CA

>From Finishing the Diss. to Teaching Graduate Writing: Reflections and
Strategies from New Assistant Professors

Who is responsible for graduate writing? This question â€" posed by a
panel entitled “Why Didn’t I Think of That? Writing Instruction at the
Graduate Level” (D 34) at the 2008 CCCC â€" remains a pressing one.
Although some individuals, departments, and institutions are finding ways
to support and attend to writing produced by graduate students, in many
places graduate writing is still assumed to be self-directed, a skill
that graduate students should already bring with them to their advanced
coursework. Given that a similar belief has been widely discredited with
regard to undergraduate education, this panel explores this inconsistency
at the graduate level from the perspective of new professors teaching
graduate courses for the first time. Liminally poised between writing
dissertations themselves and instructing graduate students, are new
professors poised to pay more attention to the writing of graduate

This panel seeks to address the following questions emerging from the
several positions new composition professors occupy. I ask:

As new teachers of graduate students:
•How do we assess and meet the needs of graduate writers, especially when
those we may serve may be located within institutions different from
those in which we were trained?
•What types of courses or assignments can best assist graduate students
and promote graduate writing?

As former, yet recent, graduate students:
•How can new graduate faculty draw on their own experiences (or lack
thereof) to enrich graduate composition programs?
•How can such teachers explicitly use such connections to our own
graduate education in the graduate courses we teach to better graduate

Finally, as members of larger departments:
•Can an increased focus on graduate writing on our behalf meaningfully
impact other constituencies â€" including our colleagues and our students’

If interested in contributing to this panel please submit abstracts of up
to 300 words or questions to Tara Lockhart, by
April 30th. Graduate faculty who will have been teaching for between one
and five years by the time of CCCC 2009 are especially welcome.

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