CFP: [General] SWIG 2008: The Rules of the Game

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Dr Christopher Murray
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The Rules of the Game: Structures, Signs and Play in Word and Image

Friday 5th - Saturday 6th September 2008
University of Dundee, Scotland

The 15th Annual SWIG Conference will focus on the paradox of how
creativity is made possible within the tensions of rule-bound systems,
discourses, forms and behaviours. Like a labyrinth, rule-based structures
and behaviour lead us in a certain direction yet offer a space for
contemplation and new perspectives. Games and rules structure experience,
but play leads to innovation. The overall aim of the conference will be
to generate a dialogue for assessing such phenomena in text and image via
a multi-disciplinary approach relating literary and visual media, as well
as theory and practice. In addition, an exhibition will accompany the
conference. Selected papers will be published in a themed collection.

Proposals should be c.300 words for papers lasting 20 minutes and should
directly address issues of structure, sign and play in word and image.
The deadline for proposals is 23rd June 2008.

Possible topics for consideration include the following:

alphabets and ideographs; board games and game theory; labyrinths, mazes
and maps; materiality and spacing; boundaries and permeabilities; chance
and design; chaos versus closure; clues and solutions; facts and
mediations; comics and computer games; concrete poetry; conformity and
transgression; detective and mystery narratives;(fractal) geometries and
tessellations; fugues and permutations; genre film and fiction;
interactive media; (over)ruling gender; palimpsests and subtexts; puns
and visual matches; rebuses and word/vision puzzles; sripting and
performance; reality and virtuality stasis and transformation; structures
and interstices; taxonomies and 'heterotopias'; vortices and 'Chinese

For further information visit the SWIG website:

Please send proposals by e-mail to:

Dr Christopher Murray,
School of Humanities, English
University of Dundee
Dundee, Scotland, DD1 4HN

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