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Jack Burton

                             Call For Papers
                            Issue 7: Haunting

                                   One need not be a chamber to be haunted;
                                                   One need not be a house;
                                         The brain has corridors surpassing
                                                            Material place.
                                                          - Emily Dickinson

The idea of haunting points to a residue or surplus of meaning that cannot
be affirmed in the presence and nevertheless makes itself known in
unexpected and disruptive ways. The haunting traces of the forgotten, the
disavowed and the effaced fundamentally undermine and trouble what we have
come to know and rely on as or in the presence. In this sense, haunting
opens up the complex possibility of spectral knowledge and emerges as a
powerful tool of conceptualisation and representation.

What impact does haunting have on constructions of individual and communal
identity? To what extent does the concept of the trace allow us to conceive
of a collapse of time and to rethink temporal constructions of past,
present and future? What demands does the idea of haunting place on
writing, given that language is haunted by its own traces and how does
haunting operate in other media? We seek contributions that address some of
these questions or attempt to theorise or employ the concept of haunting
and/or the trace otherwise, raising awareness of its possibilities and,
perhaps, also its limitations.

Forum, the postgraduate journal of culture and the arts at the University
of Edinburgh, are seeking articles which engage with the concept of
haunting in literature, art, film, theatre, popular culture and the media.
Submissions could consider, but are not limited to, any of the following:

• Haunting and Temporality
• Haunting and Presence
• Haunting the Other
• The Philosophy of Haunting
• Haunting and the Uncanny
• Haunting as Subversion
• Representations of Haunting
• Apparitions: Manifestations of Haunting
• Haunting and Traces

The deadline for article submissions is Friday, July 11th. Papers should be
between 3,000 and 5,000 words and formatted in accordance with the MLA
guidelines and should be submitted to:

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