CFP: [Gender Studies] Poetics of Gender

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Carolyn Fargnoli

Shifting Tides, Anxious Borders: A Graduate Conference on Nineteenth
Century Transatlanticism

1st Annual Graduate Conference of the American Studies and Victorian
Studies Associations
Binghamton University
Binghamton, New York November 7-8, 2008
Keynote Speaker: Leonard Tennenhouse, Brown University

Panel Topic:

The Poetics of Gender: Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Representations of
Gender in Poetry and Prose
The transatlantic poetics of gender can be thought of as a dialogue of
images, symbols, idioms, and concepts between the United States and Europe
during the nineteenth century. Common nineteenth-century gender
tropes--among them, “the angel in the house,” “the mad woman in the attic,”
“the hysteric,” and “the new woman”-- remain compelling representations of
women, which may fluctuate in meaning across cultures. In addition, we
are interested in studies that address tropes exploring male identity such
as the dandy, the flaneur, and the scientist among others. This panel
invites papers that address a variety of transatlantic notions of gender
identity in poetry. Considerations of how language is gendered, domestic
ideology, separate spheres, how authors construct masculinity and
femininity, and the interplay of aesthetics and politics that surround
gender roles are welcome.

Please send abstracts between 250-500 words no later than August 15th,
2008. Abstracts should be submitted to:

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