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Rodent poems sought!

call for poems

Calling all rats and rat-intrigued poets

To coincide with the beginning of the twelve year Chinese zodiac cycle,
Poetry Macao takes this opportunity to announce an ambitious twelve year
anthology project. The intention is to collect poems for an annual
supplement based on the year of the reigning animal in the Chinese zodiac.
The years ahead are as follows:

2008 â€" rat
2009 â€" ox
2010 â€" tiger
2011 â€" rabbit
2012 â€" dragon
2013 â€" snake
2014 â€" horse
2015 â€" sheep
2016 â€" monkey
2017 â€" rooster
2018 â€" dog
2019 â€" pig

For Poetry Macao 2008 we therefore now open submissions for poems in any
way connected with mice, rats, or rodents of any description or
conception. There are plenty of such poems in the history of Chinese
literature and we may be presenting/discussing translations of (and
responses to) same throughout 2008.

About Poetry Macao

As the on-line poetry organ of the Macao publisher ASM, Poetry Macao
invites submissions of and about poetry from around the world. Poetry
Macao does not publish reviews or literary criticism but it is interested
in publishing theoretical work about poetry and poetics, dialogues between
poets and poetic work that crosses generic boundaries (e.g. prose poems,
visual poems). Publishing poetry from and about Macao (and neighbouring
regions) will always be a priority for the journal. Although translation
is an important feature, Poetry Macao is primarily an English language
journal and one of its key goals is to bring Macao’s Chinese and
Portuguese language poets to an English-reading audience. Poetry Macao’s
first number â€" in 2007 â€" coincides with the November 6 Australia-Macao
poetry evening being held at the University of Macau. Therefore the first
issue has strong participation by Australian poets, something Poetry Macao
hopes to continue into the future.

In general terms, ‘Macao’ is the thematic focus of the journal. The idea
is intended to be taken broadly. Macao is not just a single point on the
map; associated with a long history of east-west communication (and
confusion), Macao is a name suggestive of cultural crossing of all kinds,
and of the accommodation of cultures for each other. Poetry Macao
encourages contributions consonant with this idea and is especially
interested in western engagements with (and responses to) Chinese culture,
and the converse (Chinese engagement with the west).

Contributions of various kinds are sought â€" poetry of course but also
dialogue, artwork, photography… Macao is an opening between worlds and
following that idea, we â€" at Poetry Macao are open to suggestions.

Beyond this general call, Poetry Macao will make specific calls from time
to time for themed supplements or for participation in activities such as
dialogue or responses to particular poems or poets. The first of these
specific calls relates to the animal rulers-of- the-years in the Chinese

Send all contributions â€" in the form of a word file attachment â€" to:,
Please check by e-mail before sending anything other than a single word-
file attachment.

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