UPDATE: [20th] Modernisms' Genres/Genres' Modernisms (4/30/08; MSAX 11/13/08-11/16/08)

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Brooks E. Hefner
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Modernisms' Genres/Genres' Modernisms
Proposed Panel
The 10th Annual Modernist Studies Association Conference, Nashville, TN
November 13th-16th, 2008

Although recent work in modernist studies has done a great deal to
complicate the binary division between modernism and popular culture, it
remains difficult to imagine a text that is both a classic example of
romantic melodrama and an example of modernism. Or does it? This panel
proposes to examine the presence of modernist traces (particularly
aesthetic elements, but others as well) in genre fiction, film, and other
narrative forms. How do these genres change as a result of modernist
invention? In what ways can genre texts become modernist? What do generic
modernisms have to do with larger conceptions of modernism(s)? Genres that
may be examined include (but are not limited to): romance, melodrama,
comedy, crime/detective fiction, adventure fiction, westerns, horror,
erotica, science fiction, and children’s literature. Papers that address
unconventional and neglected narrative forms (radio, photomontage, comic
strips, etc.) and works outside the Anglo-American literary universe are
especially welcome.

Send 300 word abstracts to Brooks E. Hefner at bhefner_at_gmail.com by
May 7, 2008.

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