CFP: [Rhetoric-Composition] CCCCs 2009: Zen and the Art of Teaching Writing (Deadline: 5/7/08)

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Julie Reiser
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Although most of us would be loathe to let students follow Allen Ginsberg's
Zen-based exhortation, "First thought, best thought!" and write only first
drafts, many Zen-based techniques have, nevertheless, crept into writing
and public speaking classrooms with great success. This panel will explore
how panelists and participants have used non-religious meditative or yogic
techniques for pedagogical purposes. All approaches are
welcome--theoretical, pedagogical, or creative. Dissent especially encouraged!

Possible ideas for papers/talks include: exercises using meditative
techniques, lessons learned, sample syllabi, how to teach meditation in the
classroom, overcoming myths about meditation and religious affiliation,
"first thought . . . best thought" pedagogy, helping students develop a
daily writing practice, and any other relevant idea.

My intent is to make this more of an informal, talk-oriented session rather
than a mind-numbing, paper-reading bore. Please email your idea for a
paper or informal talk proposal by May 7, 2008, to:

Professor Julie Reiser
(410) 516-7218

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