CFP: [Collections] Special Issue: Postmodern Myth: Individuality vs. Subjectivit (Vol. 37, January 2009)

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National Central University Journal of Humanities
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After three hundred years of modernization, the west has been proclaimed
as having developed into the new era of postmodern. It signified another
great change in human society. In contrast to the emphasis of
rationality or subjectivity of modernization, this new era seems to
uphold individuality, including the relentless pursue of individual
freedom, self-determination, and refuses to be subjected by the values of
the nation or society. It sometimes acts quite remarkably irrational and
heralds that everything goes! It comes close to extreme irrational,
irresponsible and radical liberal individualism. Is postmodern a new
mileage of human development? A new era? A brave new world after the
industrial society? The present reality of human society? Or, a reaction
of the conservatives? A fabricated artifact? An icon? A self
contradictory concept? A choice between individuality and subjectivity?
However, it raises much heated debates in history, architecture, arts,
socio-economics, culture, philosophy, etc. And much heat is still
generating. We welcome articles and discourses from different discipline
or inter-disciplinary investigations, especially those inter-regional,
inter-cultural, as well as cross boundary postmodern discussions. We may
be able to shed new light upon human future and possibly provide active
construction or deconstruction of human society.

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