CFP: [Collections] Collections of reviews of 19th-century literature (mss. due late 08; book)

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Doug Sanders
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Facts On File, a New York publisher of reference books for schools and
libraries, is seeking scholars to edit anthologies of nineteenth- and
early-twentieth-century criticism of major authors mostly of the
nineteenth century. Subject authors include Percy Shelley;
Jonathan Swift; George Eliot; Stephen Crane; and George Gordon, Lord
Byron. The scholar will introduce and provide context for the critical
extracts, discussing and interpreting how critical reputations are built
and change. In addition, contributing editors will be asked to supply
additional critical extracts and introductory commentary, where needed, to
bolster the publication’s offerings. Respondents should have a PhD, broad
knowledge of the secondary literature on the subject author, an ability to
write clearly and succinctly for students in both high school and college,
and immediate availability for this project. If interested in a particular
author, please send letter and cv, preferably by e-mail, to:

Doug Sanders
Senior Editor
Facts on File, Inc.
132 W. 31st St., 17th Floor
New York, NY 10001

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