CFP: [General] Academic Autobiography in the 20th Century

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Rocio G. Davis

Proposals are sought for an Interdisciplinary Conference entitled “Academic
Autobiography, Intellectual History, and Cultural Memory in the 20th
Century” to be held at the University of Navarra (Pamplona, Spain) on the
26-28 of March, 2009. This conference aims to engage the current paradigms
of the debate on autobiographical writing by academics (historians,
literary critics, anthropologists, and sociologists, among others) and
analyze these in the interdisciplinary context of the consciousness of the
ways intellectual history and cultural memory may be developed,
articulated, and promoted in the twentieth century. Autobiographies by
academics who have played important public roles and whose scholarship have
shaped the ways we think about disciplines, society, culture, or
politicsâ€"such as Nancy K. Miller, Eric Hobsbawm, Clifford Geertz, Leila
Ahmed, Edward Said, Jill Ker Conway, Ihab Hassan, Shirley Geok-Lin Lim,
Yi-Fu Tuan, among othersâ€"may be explored as new approaches to the
discourses of intellectual history and culture in our age. We invite
proposals that offer new ways to read these autobiographies and analyze
their discursive possibilities in the historical, cultural, and academic
contexts in which they were written.

Specific topics may include, but are not limited to: the academic as
author/historian; academic life writing as history or cultural discourse;
academic autobiography as intellectual history; life writing and the
definitions of academic disciplines; the intersection between private and
public lives in academic autobiographies; academic autobiography as a
literary or historical genre; the ways in which the notion of literary or
historical discourse may be rethought in the context of this form of
writing; the ways academic autobiographies challenge our notions of
historiography or literary analysis.

500-word abstracts and a 1-page CV must be submitted (email submissions
preferred) before October 15, 2008 to the Conference Organizers at this

Prof. Rocío G. Davis
Modern Languages Department
University of Navarra
Pamplona 31080
Fax: 34-948-425636

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