UPDATE: [Graduate] Spinning Scotland: Extended Abstract Deadline

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Megan Coyer

School of English and Scottish Language and Literature
University of Glasgow

SPINNING SCOTLAND: Exploring Literary and Cultural Perspectives
A One-Day Postgraduate Conference
Department of Scottish Literature
Glasgow, UK
Saturday, 13 September 2008

The Postgraduates of the Department of Scottish Literature invite
proposals for papers to answer the need for greater opportunity to explore
and present postgraduate work on the subject of Scottish literature and
its conjunctions with Scottish culture - from the local to the global.

The conference considers the metaphor of the fabric of the Scottish
nation â€" the collaboration between Literature, Culture, Language, History
and Thought - to engage with the texture of a nation’s artistic output.

The conference anticipates engaging with the construction and
contextualising of Scotland through a multi-panel one-day format,
imagining refashioned contexts for Scotland. These postgrad-chaired
panels will consist of papers either focusing on a theme, (re)approaching
a particular time period, or interrogating the boundaries of both, and are
aimed at attracting both home and international postgraduates engaged with
Scottish Literature and its contexts. How does the Scottish nation
represent its collaborations with literature and context? Do certain
aspects of Scottish culture invite a comparative approach? Where might the
intersections of history and language forge new alliances with philosophy
and literature?

Papers might approach the conference aegis in the following, though feel
free to suggest other methodologies or ideas:

(Re)claiming the cloth - deconstructing tartanry + iconography in Scottish

Changing fabric of Scottish literary culture - new contexts, new

Spin doctors - political agenda in Scottish culture and literature,
critical bias

Translation and transmission - the act of weaving culture and language

Text, texture, textile - Scottish literature's interaction with other
areas of the arts

Tartan Special - pop culture and its place in the fashioning of 'Scot.

'Wha's like us?' - comparative studies, pulling different threads of local
and global connection together

The weft and weave - constructing a national literary canon, concepts of

Spinning and birling â€" Dizziness, chaos, confusion about what is Scottish
literature â€" the conflicting binaries inherent in the nation and canon?

Location, Location â€" local, national, international issues of setting,
place, periphery

We invite abstracts of no more than 250 words for 20-minute papers to be
submitted electronically by 13 June 2008 to
spinningscotland_at_arts.gla.ac.uk. Please include your institution
affiliation and contact details with your submission.

The conference committee intends to publish select papers arising from the
conference, and a limited number of fee waivers and travel grants will be
available. Please apply in advance for information.


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