CFP: [Graduate] Digital Embodiment (6/15/08; 11/7/08)

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Andrew Albin
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The Digital Embodiment panel of the Brandeis University Graduate
Conference invites the submission of papers/presentations that examine
the body in light of digital media and culture. Where this year’s
conference, "Fleshing Out the Text," more broadly seeks to inspect sites
where the body has been ill-defined or elided, the Digital Embodiment
panel intends to complicate the very status of the body by considering
its presence, significance, and coding in digital and virtual worlds.

Questions we seek to pursue include: Do digital media offer utopian
spaces for the renegotiation of the bonds between body and discursively
produced identity? Is escape from the imprisoning soma still our most
prominent narrative? What traces does the body leave lingering in
virtual or material space? How do digital media call the body into
question as a term for exploring categories of difference? What forms
does the body take in what we might call our posthuman moment; how do
these embodiments reshape epistemology and ontology?

Suggested terms and topics include, but are not limited to:

digital ontology and globalization
digital ontology and gender/race/class/etc.
digital performativity
natural and artificial
cyborgs and prosthetics
interface and integration
the end of cyberpunk
online utopias
Second Life
real and virtual
avatars and self-fashioning

Send 300-word abstracts to by June 15, 2008.
For more information on this panel and "Fleshing Out the Text," which
will take place at Brandeis University on November 7, 2008, visit the
conference website at

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