UPDATE: [Graduate] Dismembering, Remembering, Fleshing Out the Body (grad) (6/15/08; 11/7/08)

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Andrew Albin
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Fleshing Out the Text
November 7, 2008

Plenary speakers
Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman, Brandeis University
Digital Embodiment speaker, TBD

It is difficult to imagine a region of contemporary criticism that does
not take the body as one of its crucial terms. Cultural, ethical,
aesthetic, political, and economic discourses, to name just a few, adopt
it as both a governing metaphor and an object for investigation. Yet, in
all its prominenceâ€"or perhaps by virtue of its prominenceâ€"the body seems
to resist analytical openness. At once intimately familiar and
conceptually elusive, whatever we manage to say about the body seems
always to raise new problems, to which we can offer only provisional

"Fleshing out the Text," an interdisciplinary conference, seeks to begin
offering new and better answers to these questions by innovatively
probing those discourses that embrace, resist, and constitute bodies
across a broad spectrum of historical, theoretical, and literary
contexts. We invite papers that dismember, remember, and generally “flesh
out” the body and its texts through critical interventions that open up
and even operate upon them in provocative and unexpected ways.

The conference is open but not limited to original scholarship in the
following areas:

Corporeal poetics
The textual corpus, the corpus as text
Historicizing the body
Trauma, wounds, and scars
Narratology and narrative
Illness, disease, harm, and healing
Disability studies
Science and technology
Post-rational revisions of the body
Skin, membranes, boundaries
Medicine and the body
Gendered, sexed, and queer bodies
The post-colonial body
Raced bodies
The religious or mystical body
Performativity, theatricality
Dualism, monism, and other paradigms
Monstrous bodies
The body politic
The urban body
Spaces and architecture

Submissions are not limited on the basis of historical period or genre;
we hope to have papers and panels that span an array of cultural,
historical, theoretical, and disciplinary contexts. We also seek papers
for this year's Special Topics Panel on Digital Embodiment; see separate
CFP or visit our website for more information on this panel.

Send panel proposals and/or paper abstracts (350 words maximum) to
bodyconference_at_brandeis.edu by June 15, 2008. For more information,
visit the conference website at

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