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CFP: [General] CFP:The City as a Space of Exile (09/20/08;NeMLA, Boston, 02/26/09-03/01/09

Thursday, May 29, 2008 - 3:56am
Agnieszka Gutthy

The City as a Space of Exile Panel- NeMLA 2009 (09/20/08;NeMLA, 02/26/09-03/01/09)

The session will examine texts that present the city as a space of exile, be it Paris as viewed by
Polish World War II exiles or by Latin American writers seeking refuge from the horrors of
dictatorships or New York as seen by immigrants. The text can be fiction, poetry, song, essay or
letters and personal accounts of the encounters with a city â€" a place of exile. The text, however, has
to reveal a city whose design is not limited to a mere geographical reference and whose function is
not confined to a static setting.

CFP: [Collections] Contemporary Australian Literature

Thursday, May 29, 2008 - 1:20am
Professor Catherine Cole

Call for Papers
The Journal of Australian Writers and Writing


The Journal of Australian Writers and Writing is a peer-reviewed journal. It forms a major
component of The Australian Literary Compendium, a project funded by the Copyright Agency
Limited (CAL) to provide new ways of studying, reading, and reviewing Australian writing and
creative practice. The journal will be published on-line twice a year and will feature essays,
fiction, book reviews and articles.

The first edition, which will be posted on-line in late 2008, has as its theme

Rethinking Contemporary Australian Fiction