CFP: [Collections] Cooking Latino: Food, Writing, and Identity in Contemporary Latino/a Literature

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Laura Alonso Gallo
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Cooking Latino: Food, Writing, and Identity in Contemporary Latino/a
Scholarly essays are sought for a volume on Food, Writing, and Identity
as represented in literary works by Latino and Latina authors published
from the 1960’s until today. We are interested in the ways food
references and culinary metaphors in these texts create culture,
ethnicity, gender, class, religion, history and citizenship, and in the
ways theoretical examinations of cooking and eating bear on the
disciplines of critical studies, feminism, postmodernism, and

Possible topics include but are not limited to:
Hispanic American Food, production, and dietary habits
Recipes. Relationship between memory, oral tradition and magic realism
Superstitions and taboos related to food
Religious, ideological, and political symbolism of food
Food consumption, luxury and waste as political metaphors
Social environments and spaces for the consumption and preparation of
Publicity and marketing of food
Cannibalism, gluttony, starvation, hunger, dieting, and eating disorders
Blending, mixing, and incorporation of foreign foods or ingredients to
the native or original recipes
Latinization of the U.S.
Local, national, and ethnic foods
Food and gender relations. Nationhood and femininity.
Sexuality, eroticism and pleasure in eating
Food practices representing social deviation, hierarchy, snobbism, and
Food and art. Transformation of need into desire.

Please send a 300-600-word abstract and a brief resumè by September 15th
2008 to
the editors Laura Alonso Gallo ( and Nieves Pascual
Soler (

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