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Sigi Jottkandt
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S: Journal of the Jan van Eyck Circle for Lacanian Ideology Critique

Contributions are invited for S2, a special issue devoted to the work of
Jean-Claude Milner (deadline November 1, 2008)

Perhaps best known now in the English-speaking world for his bitter dispute
with Alain Badiou over the status of the signifier Jew, Jean-Claude
Milner’s influence on the emerging shape of Lacanian psychoanalysis is
recorded in his interventions in the closed sessions of the seminars of the
1960s and 70s. An integral member of the circle around Jacques Lacan and
the L'École freudienne de Paris (EFP), Milner has authored a remarkable
series of works intersecting philosophy, politics, literature and
linguistics, including L’Oeuvre claire: Lacan, la science et la
philosophie, Le Juif de savoir, Les penchants criminel de l’Europe
démocratique, Constat, Le Pas philosophique de Roland Barthes, Le Triple de
plaisir and many others, the majority of which have yet to be translated
into English.

For this special issue, we invite contributions that bring out the
theoretical, political, philosophical and artistic stakes of the
Milner/Badiou debate as a key site of collision between the all and not-all
(pas-tout), as well as essays that serve to situate and frame Milner’s own
‘oeuvre claire’ as it relates to and bears on the concerns of psychoanalysis.

We also welcome essays on topics unrelated to the special issue. Send
contributions and inquiries to


S1 is now available, with contributions by Bernard Baas, Gérard Wajcman,
Lieven Jonkheere, Jonathan Kim-Reuter, Juliet Flower MacCannell, Sigi
Jöttkandt and Thomas Brockelman.

S, the open access journal of the JvE Circle for Lacanian Ideology
Critique, is online at

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