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Eric L. Martinsen

Extended Deadline: July 1, 2008

The Call for Papers (see URL below) for the inaugural issue of the Journal for Transnational
American Studies is now available in four languages: Chinese, English, Japanese and Spanish.


The Journal of Transnational American Studies (JTAS) is a peer- reviewed online journal that
seeks to broaden the interdisciplinary study of American cultures in transnational contexts. JTAS
functions as an open-access forum for Americanists in the global academic community, where
scholars are increasingly interrogating borders both within and outside the nation and focusing
on the multiple intersections and exchanges that flow across those borders. JTAS is a new critical
conduit that seeks to bring together innovative transnational work from diverse but often
disconnected sites in the U.S. and abroad. In order to facilitate the broadest possible cultural
conversation about transnational American Studies, the journal will be available without cost to
anyone with access to the Internet. Sponsored by UC Santa Barbara's American Cultures and
Global Contexts Center and Stanford University's Program in American Studies, JTAS is hosted on
the eScholarship Repository, which is part of the eScholarship initiative of the California Digital

In her 2004 presidential address to the American Studies Association, Shelley Fisher Fishkin
noted the growing recognition that understanding the United States requires looking beyond and
across national borders. This "transnational turn" has emphasized the multidirectional flows of
peoples, ideas, and goods, and in the process has thrown into question the "naturalness" of
political, geographical, and epistemological boundaries. The Journal of Transnational American
Studies seeks new and innovative scholarship that mines and pushes the plural and global
possibilities of American Studies. We encourage contributions from a variety of fields and
disciplines, including cultural studies, media studies and new media, literature, visual arts,
performance studies, music, religion, history, politics, and law. We particularly welcome
scholarshipâ€"both from within and beyond the U.S.â€"that engages in American Studies in a
critical and self- reflective manner. For instance, how does one distinguish transnationalism
from past and present discourses of internationalism, cosmopolitanism, and globalization? Has
American Studies always been transnational, or has this "turn" come about through the pressures
of global capitalism? What are the implications of the transnational turn for theorizing ethnicity,
race, gender, sexuality, and class? Can one speak of a set of reading practices and of concepts
that compose a research methodology for transnational American Studies?

Submission Guidelines

Please submit manuscripts electronically at the Journal of Transnational American Studies
website by July 1, 2008 to be considered for the inaugural issue:


Submissions should not exceed 10,000 words, including endnotes, and will be accepted on a
rolling basis after our deadline for the inaugural issue. Please follow the Chicago Manual of Style
and include an abstract (not to exceed 250 words). Submission guidelines and the style guide for
JTAS can be found on our website at http://repositories.cdlib.org/acgcc/jtas.

Commitment to a Cultural Commons

Authors retain copyright for all content published in Journal of Transnational American Studies
(JTAS). However, authors grant to the journal the right to make available such content, in any
format, in perpetuity. Authors may reproduce, in other contexts, content to which they possess
the copyright, although in any subsequent publications JTAS should be acknowledged as the
original publisher.

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