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Adam Katz
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David Bartholomae, in his introductory essay to his recent collection,
Writing on the Margins, notes that “In 1976, it was not uncommon for
those of us working with basic writers to say of our colleagues, ‘If they
can read Gertrude Stein and value what she does, why can’t they read the
work of basic writersâ€"why can’t they give it the same time and attention,
why can’t they value the work’.” It is still a very good, and
unanswered, question in 2008. Bartholomae’s remarks, along with his
attention to Stein in this recent essay, points to some still to be
explored implications of the student-centered, assignment driven, labor-
intensive reading mode of composition pedagogy Bartholomae has helped to
pioneer. If composition pedagogy is to situate student writing as the
site of the constitution of meaning and value, doesn’t that suggest that
the real “subject” in the composition classroom is the problematic of
meaning construction and, in that case, what better texts to work with
than those innovative texts which have deliberately explored the boundary
between meaning and its “other”? Would not issues like “error” then be
recast as inquiries into grammar, understood as a component of the
meaning making process itself, and therefore a site of argumentation and
not merely “correction”? And could we not see Stein’s “Poetry and
Grammar” as the founding text of such a site of argumentation? This panel
welcomes papers that explore possible intersections between Stein’s
writings and innovative composition pedagogy

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