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Anna Sevcikova
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Sixth International Conference
Cyberspace 2008

organized by Faculty of Law in cooperation with School of Social Studies,
Masaryk University, Brno and Faculty of Law, Charles University, Prague

Brno, Czech Republic, 28-29 November 2008
Paper abstracts are solicited for submission to following streams:

stream name: Cyberlaw
language: English, publication of papers: MUJLT
workshops: Intellectual Property On-Line (chair: Andreas Wiebe,
illustrative topics: copyright in electronic media, digital rights
management, OEM contracts, second hand software, multimedia, software
protection, European copyright, intellectual property in third world
countries, Bit Torrent traffic), Internet Jurisdiction (chair: Dan
Svantesson, illustrative topics: Rome II and the internet, on-line
defamation, alternative collision criteria, place of damage on the
internet, electronic choice of law and choice of forum, jurisdiction of
on-line arbiters), Theory of Cyberlaw (chair: Radim Polčák, illustrative
topics: states and their on-line powers, roles of intelligence agencies,
re-shaping property rights, re-shaping personality rights, basic values
on-line, phenomenon of information service providers, new electronic
superpowers, legal capacity of AI, ius informatica), Law of Domain Names
(chair: Zsolt Balogh, illustrative topics: legal concept of domain names,
registration procedures, new TLDs, responsibilities of domain authorities,
alternative internet addressing, relevance or arbitrary awards, influence
of U.S. authorities over registrars, future of domain names), Cybercrime
(chair: Joseph Cannataci, illustrative topics: hacking, cracking,
cryptoanalysis, child pornography on-line, privacy infringement,
international cooperation in investigating cybercrime),
e-government/e-justice (chair: Ludwig Gramlich, illustrative topics:
electronic filing, electronic public submissions, on-line hearings, on-line
mediation, on-line arbitration, re-use of public sector information,
on-line public procurement, legal information systems, on-line access to
law and case-law, data mining systems for lawyers, electronic storage of
documents, software solutions for legal practice, on-line legal counseling,

stream name: Philosophy and Sociology of Cyberspace
language: English, publication of papers: MUJLT (philosophy and theoretical
sociology), Cyberpsychology (empiric sociology)

workshops: Philosophy (chair: Martin Å kop), Theoretic Sociology (chair:
Jakub Macek), Empiric Sociology (chair: Václav Štětka)

illustrative topics: deconstructing cyberspace, virtuality/reality,
equality and digital divide, on-line narratives, infoethics,
infoaesthetics, digital media and civic participation, online public
spheres, new media in everyday lives, web 2.0, internet governance, digital
divide, communities in cyberspace, hacktivism, free culture movement,
anthropology of cyberspace

stream name: Psychology and Internet
language: English

publication of papers: Cyberpsychology
chair: David Å mahel, illustrative topics: influence of the Internet use on
individuals and family, children, adolescents and the Internet, Internet
addiction, identity in virtual environment, counseling on the Internet,
on-line therapy, Internet and sexuality, human personality on-line, virtual
social groups, self-presentation on the Internet (e.g. blogs), games
on-line, MMORPG and virtual worlds, online communication, e-learning etc.

stream name: Religious Norms in Cyberspace
language: English
publication of papers: MUJLT

chair: Vít Šisler, illustrative topics: religious normative frameworks in
cyberspace, networking diasporas, religious collaborative environments,
on-line counseling, on-line fatwas and cyber muftis, new religious
movements, religious discourses in cyberspace, etc.


Note: Participants with accepted papers will receive FREE conference pass
and FREE access to conference meals and social events. Accepted papers will
be published in peer reviewed journals Masaryk University Journal of Law
and Technology (MUJLT - mujlt.law.muni.cz) or Cyberpsychology

Important dates:
Abstract submission deadline: 31 July 2008
Notice on acceptance deadline: 31 August 2008
Visuals for oral presentation deadline: 31 October 2008

Full papers deadline: 31 December 2008

Abstract formal requirements:
Range: max. 1.500 characters incl. spaces
Submission: on-line at www.cyberspace.muni.cz



Full paper formal requirements:

Papers published in MUJLT:


Papers published in Cyberpsychology:


Address: Masaryk University, Faculty of Law, Veveří 70, 611 80 Brno, Czech
Phone: +420 549 496 445
Central conference address: cyberspace_at_law.muni.cz



Conference Officials:
JUDr. Radim Polčák, Ph.D. general chair
JUDr. Danuše Spáčilová, associate chair
PhDr. David Å mahel, Ph.D., associate chair
JUDr. et Mgr. Martin Å kop, Ph.D., publication chair
Mgr. Jakub Macek, publicity chair

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