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                        Call for Papers: 'country'
                      Edited by Andrew Gorman-Murray

'Country' is a word that is made to do much discursive work.

'Country' is synonymous with 'rural', also evinced through terms like
countryside and country-minded. But what is the relationship between
'country' and 'rural'? Are there nuanced differences? Where and how do they
overlap? At the same time, 'country' is synonymous with 'nation'. This
usage seems to be more emotive than administrative, as in 'my country', 'my
land', 'my homeland'. Country evokes something of the connection between
people, landscape and belonging as much as any sense of national
allegiance. Moreover, country-as-rural and country-as-nation have
significant overlaps, especially when the rural is often imagined as the
'heartland' of the modern nation-state - a source of national identity and
a storehouse for values lost through the experience of progress and
modernity. Here, the country is a traditional material and discursive site
for family, community and well-being. From yet another angle, country
becomes a genre or style, as in country music, country and western film,
country living, country comfort and country cooking. In this way, country
becomes a commercial selling point, a commodified imaginary. This
commodification is also seen in the recent revaluing of country getaways
and retreats, sea-change and tree-change, which in turn invokes the notion
of country as a store of traditional values, moral restoration and physical

This issue of M/C Journal seeks submissions which respond to these prompts,
exploring aspects of the different, multifaceted and overlapping discourses
of 'country', and how these have changed (and continue to change) over time
and between places.

Submit papers of 3,000 words in length to the editors at

Article deadline: 22 Aug. 2008
Issue release date: 22 Oct. 2008

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                                                     Dr Axel Bruns

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