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Ginger Jones

IDKE.X ROUNDTRIP HOME: Cultural Depots and Queer Destinations
More than a decade of grassroots networking will have passed when IDKE.X
ROUNDTRIP HOME kicks off its first event on October 16, 2008.

The original purpose of the IDKE conference was a critical examination
and insider’s view on female-to-male (FTM) drag as a subculture.Examining
the intersections and junctures of every day lived experience pushed the
original organizers to create an event dedicated to scrutinizing these
moments of connection and disconnection.

2008’s focus is set to enlighten, expound upon, and illuminate the topic
of CULTURAL DEPOTS & QUEER DESTINATIONS. We are looking for proposals
that critically address issues related to gender, including documented
accounts of our historical presence as gender-queer beings; gender
performance beyond the scope of the stage; gender and queer theory; mass
popular culture and critical race theories; gender-queer community
viability; the function of familial relations both past and present; King
community health & wellness; If this sounds interesting to you, then
share your thoughts, work, and energy with the IDKE.X King community.
IDKE asks that you bring and share your work. Whether it is a response
paper, term paper, thesis draft, panel presentation, roundtable
discussion, workshop, or demonstration, we want you! Please consider
these questions as points of departure for what is certain to be a
fantastic conference. Where they take you, we can hardly wait to see!

•Where role have drag kings had in the queer/lgbt community in the last
decade? What’s in store for the next ten years?
•Who have we seen/become and how does this impact our future and our
•Where/what are the cultural depositories for our “drag king community”
•What role does (or should) documentation have in the gender-queer and
drag king community?
•What is our collective gender-queer legacy?
•What role does politics have in the drag king community and what role
does it have on the stage?
•How does feminism figure into the gender-queer and king community?
•How is king community maintained off stage? What sustains it? What
purpose does it serve in terms of economics, healthcare, domestic
relations, etc?
•What happens to butch identity in the king community?
•What is the role and effect of femininity (both FTF and MTF) in queer
*How do transmen negotiate the LGBT and king communities and the stage?
•How does appropriation (racial, ethnic, religious, etc) affect the king
community and expectations and understandings of diversity in the

The above list is not exhaustive, but is certainly contains some of the
most important questions and situations currently facing the gender-queer
and king community.

The workshops/presentations will be featured during the daytime sessions
of the Academic portion of the conference on Friday, Oct. 17, 10am- 3pm
and Saturday, Oct. 18, 9am-4pm, 2008.

Proposal Timeline:
We will accept proposals May 1st â€" August 1st or until full
You will receive notice of acceptance August 20th, 2008
Please Email your proposals to:

Or mail to:

FFP â€" Attn: IDKE X Academic Conference
1160 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43201

Be sure to put “Academic Proposal” and your name in the subject line or
lower portion of the front of the envelope.


1) IDKE.X Roundtrip Home: Cultural Depots & Queer Destinations is the
theme to keep in mind.

2) There are currently 28 â€" 50-minute slots available for workshops and
presentations. Panel topics and times will be determined after the
submission deadline.

3) If there are multiple submissions about the same topic, we may
approach you about participating on a moderated panel.

4) Be specific in your proposal. What specifically are you offering

5) Proposal length: 300 words or less.

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