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Wendy Olson
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Economies of Writing: On Language and Value in Composition Studies

The editors invite scholars in composition, rhetoric, applied linguistics,
and literacy to submit manuscripts for a collection focused on the ways in
which language, literacy, and the teaching of writing are embedded within
larger systems of economic and social relations. Following the social turn
in composition and rhetoric, much theoretical and pedagogical discussion
has centered on the politics of student identity. And while this
discussion has certainly enriched our conversations, the editors seeks to
focus the discussion on how the politics of student identity, writing
curricula, and writing programs are necessarily tied to the economic, a
dialogue that is perhaps particularly relevant for writing instructors
given burgeoning interests in technology and new media in composition
studies, the institutionalization of writing programs in colleges and
universities, and the rise of mandated assessment in the academy. This
reorganization and appropriation of literacy and writing instruction into
new relations of production occur at the same time that outside of the
academy the middle class is shrinking, the gap between the haves and the
have-nots widening.

In short, we’re looking for essays that discuss the political economies of
writing instruction. We seek essays that describe and interrogate
intersections among political and economic structures, and how these
structures affect composition policies, practices, and pedagogies. We are
particularly interested in essays that re-examine issues of access for
those who have been traditionally excluded from U.S. American higher
education (non-traditional students ,non-native speakers relatively new to
writing in English, basic writers, and the like) in light of their distinct
and sometimes contradictory relations to histories of writing instruction,
literacy “crises,” and contemporary capitalism.

Those interested in taking part in this collection are requested to provide
a précis over email. We would hope to have initial drafts of essays by
July 1, 2008. Editors of the collection include Siskanna Naynaha,
University of Connecticut; Wendy M. Olson, Washington State University; and
Victor Villanueva, Washington State University. Précis and other inquiries
should be directed to Wendy Olson at

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