CFP: [International] Colonial and Postcolonial Studies Conference

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Will Jackson
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For historians, watersheds are an inescapable tool. To think in terms of
continuity and change, scholars cannot help but look for ruptures and
breaks, turning points and defining moments. But a timeframe demands a
beginning and an end. The validity of origins or beginnings has now been
challenged. But what of ‘end’?

On September 26, 2008 the Institute for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies
at the University of Leeds (UK) is holding a postgraduate conference on the
subject of the idea of an end to empire.

The conference will provide a space in which to critically rethink the
notion of an ‘end’ of empire. Just how meaningful is it to separate
historical time into colonial and postcolonial chapters? And more
importantly, how meaningful might it be to think without them? This is not
simply to repeat the neo-colonial refrain. Rather, our intention is to
reappraise what colonialism was, how it was undone, the forms in which it
may have continued to exist and ways by which it may be challenged once more.

We are looking for papers from across the arts and social sciences that
deal with the question of an end to empire. Topics might include:

• Decolonisation
• Memory and Nostalgia
• Migration and Diaspora
• Racism and Antiracism
• Protest and Resistance
• Nationalism and Transnationalism
• Globalisation and Hybridity

Papers from postgraduate researchers are especially welcome. Please send
250 word proposals for 20-30 minute papers to Ed Kirkby by July 1 2008

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