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Madeleine Monson-Rosen
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Packingtown Review, an interdisciplinary literary journal, seeks essays on
the topic of genre and form. PR emphasizes experimental literature,
translation, and literature that crosses boundaries between genres and
forms. We are therefore soliciting submissions of scholarly and critical
essays that explore similar ground. What does it mean when poetry and prose
are indistinguishable? What is lostâ€" or foundâ€"in translation? When
literary form is entirely fluid, what is the relationship between art and
criticism? Between the creative and the scholarly?
While we are particularly seeking essays that explore the relationships
between genre and form in situations where both are indeterminate or
unapparent, PR is open to scholarly essays that intersect with these
questions generally or that explore specific works. Essays might explore
the current relevance (or irrelevance) of the aesthetic, the literary, or
the rhetorical. The deadline for submission for the first issue is August
30. After that, we will continue reading for our second issue.

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