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Christy Williams
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“Transformations: Classical Texts and Popular Culture”

Call for Unpublished Papers for a Collection with Promised Book
Publication: We are seeking essays to fill gaps in this multi-contributor
work that explores transformations of texts that move beyond adaptation. We
are particularly looking for studies of works that complicate their source
materials as they transform them in various ways:

• from one medium to another, such as Prairie Home Companion (radio show to
film) or video games based on texts
• radical transformations of Shakespeare, such as O or She’s the Man, or a
group of Shakespeare transformations (Almereyda’s Hamlet, Rosencrantz and
Guildenstern are Dead, “Gertrude Talks Back,” etc.; West Side Story, Baz
Luhrman's Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare in Love, etc.)
• transformations of Austen, such as Bride & Prejudice, Bridget Jones’
Diary, Clueless
• transforms a historical story, such as a biopic (Shakespeare in Love,
Becoming Jane, Miss Austen Regrets, or Finding Neverland)
• graphic novels based in history or autobiography (Maus, Persepolis)
• controversial transformations, such as the parody The Wind Done Gone or
historical film Amistad
• parodies, such as McSweeney’s Joke Book of Book Jokes or Jasper Fforde’s
• texts based on journalism, such as Blue Crush, Boys Don’t Cry, Adaptation
• transforms history, such as the novel Beloved
• transforms historical characters, such as Amadeus (the play, not the movie)

We already have essays on The Piano, Mary Reilly, Hallmark’s Arabian
Nights, Wicked, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, The Red Shoes, The Little
Mermaid, and The Sandman #19.

We are looking for papers with tone and vocabulary appropriate to
undergraduate audiences (a target course is introduction to literature,
which at some colleges is combined with freshman composition). Conference
papers are likely to be highly suitable. We are especially interested in
transformations of Shakespeare and non-traditional texts/media. If you
would like more information, please email us and we will send you our

Suggested length: 3500-4500 words (12-15 pages)
Email completed papers as Word attachment by August 1 to:
Prof. Phyllis Frus
pfrus_at_hpu.edu and
Ms. Christy Williams

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