CFP: [Theory] Language, Spectatorship, and The Queer Gaze

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Christy McDaniel
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For Lacan, the object of one’s gaze always “stares back.”
According to Slavoj Zizek, “the gaze as object is a stain preventing me from looking at the
picture from a safe, objective distance.” There is always something about an image, once it is
within one’s recognition and within one’s trajectory of desire, that interferes with the full
achievement of self-identity. What does it “do,” then, to Queer Identity to see representations of
it upon a screen?
This session invites participants to consider how communication-based practices of
virtualization and “the Gaze” reinforce, reproduce, and remediate separations between "social
identification" and "personal identification of self" within the GLBT community.
Discussions might consider visual mimicry (for instance, the "Shane Shag" phenomenon on 20
year old lesbians from here to CA), performativity (e.g., drag, of course...but its "revisioning,"
self-parody, and irony post-hyper-remediation), or the debates over “queer-as-cultural vs.
queer-as-theoretical” stances that continue to surface within GLBT professional and activist
Proposals may approach the topic from linguistic perspectives, such as Coulson & Oakley's work
on "blending," and/or psychoanalytical/theoretical points of view that engage theorists such as
Lacan, Zizek, and Halberstam.
Christy McDaniel (Old Dominion University)

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