CFP: [Gender Studies] Carol Shields Symposium on Womenâs Writing: Festival of Voices

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Jennifer Clary-Lemon

Inaugural Carol Shields Symposium on Women’s Writing: Festival of Voices
University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba, May 8-10, 2009

Call for Proposals
Due date for submissions â€" September 20, 2008

Where Are We Now: Margins and Moves in Women’s Writings

Carol Shields earned critical praise for extending and crossing
boundaries, for bringing to the centre of serious literary examination
those aspects of women’s lives that had been “in the margins.” In a 1990
interview with Harvey DeRoo, Carol spoke of setting out to “write the kind
of novel (I) can’t find on the library shelf” and of experimenting in her
short fiction with “different narrative approaches.” She also told of
resting comfortably with her movement from genre to genre and from a woman
narrator’s perspective to a man’s (Larry’s Party). In her words, “there is
always some refreshment in taking a different perspective.” In honour of
Carol and her creative impulses we invite Symposium presentations on any
of the following:

Issues and Ideas for Examination:
- Where do we find the influences of Carol Shields in current
writing by women?
- What aspects of women’s lives still remain “in the margins” of
literary enquiry?
- What needs to be written that “isn’t on the library shelf”?
- What different perspectives and new narrative approaches are now
appearing in women’s writings; i.e. are there identifiable “moves” in
current women’s
We are also interested in the ways that organized social movementsâ€"the
women’s movement and feminism, in particularâ€"have opened up space for
women to work, live, and create. Some avenues of enquiry in this area
could be:
- How have these movements themselves altered or expanded, who do
they now speak for, and how do their principles and energy play out in
Carol’s work or in other writing by women?
- How has the women’s movement connected, healed, or split
generations of women?
- How can we carry forward legacies created by women who have
written and struggled within the margins?

Format and genre considerations:
- Presentations and discussions can relate to a variety of genres:
women’s life writing (personal narratives, memoirs, and autobiography),
fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.
- Formats to choose from include panel or round-table informal
discussions, two-person collaborations, instructive/writing workshops,
poster sessions, short theatrical pieces, and spoken-word performances.
- Possible time allocations:
(a) 20-minute individual presentation, to be combined with others similar
or complementary in content to form a 75-minute session;
      (b) 75-minute panel presentation, limited to 3 speakers; or
      (c) 50-minute alternative session (performance, instructive
workshop, poster session,
      two-person collaboration or informal roundtable discussion)

We particularly want to gather a diverse group of participants at this
symposium. We warmly invite submissions from established and emerging
writers, academics, undergraduate scholars, and members of working-class,
LGBTQ, Aboriginal, and immigrant & refugee writing communities.

Please submit proposals according to the submission form located on our
website at

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