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Noelle Brada-Williams


Noelle Brada-Williams, San José State University
Editorial Board
• Karen Chow, De Anza College
• Wei-Ming Dariotis, San Francisco State University
• Eileen Fung, University of San Francisco
• Rowena Tomaneng, De Anza College

The production, collection, and distribution of accessible high quality
research on Asian American Literature for students, teachers, and the
general public is our goal. We seek contributions that, while informed by
the theoretical concerns of specialists in the field, are composed in order
to be understood by non-specialists, including students and specialist and
non-specialist teachers at the high school and college levels. It is our
goal to use the internet to grant access to research in multiple ways: one,
by going directly to the internet where many students and even faculty now
begin their research rather than through a publisher and then via a
proprietary database; and two, by emphasizing clear and jargon-free prose
so that the complexity of research findings in the field can be accessed by
readers with a variety of objectives, including the general reader seeking
more information on this complex and sometimes misrepresented field. An
online journal also gives us the opportunity to continually update and add
information. Thus, we hope to offer information in the style, say, of
Sau-ling Wong and Stephen Sumida's A Resource Guide to Asian American
Literature, but hope that the ongoing nature of a journal will allow us to
continue to add to the information available as new books are published and
new authors make their mark on the field.
Submission Guidelines
We are now accepting submissions for this newly founded online journal.
We welcome submissions on any Asian American author. In addition to
traditional analytical interpretations of texts and contexts, we are
interested in essays on the pedagogy of Asian American literature,
overviews of the historical and cultural context of key texts, and also
bibliographic overviews of relevant criticism. All submissions need to be
in MLA format and under 10,000 words. We actually prefer pieces of around
2,000 to 7,000 words. Submissions should be submitted electronically to The author's name should not appear on the
manuscript itself and all references to previously published research
should be described in the third person.

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