CFP: [International] Urban and Rural Landscapes: Language, Literature, and Culture in Modern Ireland, DUCIS, Sweden

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Carmen Zamorano Llena
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Urban and Rural Landscapes: Language, Literature, and Culture in Modern
Ireland, DUCIS, Dalarna University, Sweden, 6-7 November 2008

Throughout the twentieth century Ireland has seen its rural and urban
landscapes undergo dramatic change. For centuries, rural Ireland had been
central to the socio-politics of the island, but in the post-Second World
War years there has been a “widespread rejection of rural life” (Brown
2004: 199) with the rural population migrating abroad or to the urban
centres in the island. Thus by the 1970s, the population of Dublin and its
environs consisted of over a million people, doubling the figures from the
early 1950s. The Celtic Tiger economy and the post-Tiger context of the
present moment have also seen dramatic changes in the landscapes of rural
and urban Ireland. Urban centres have grown rapidly in numbers and in the
diversity of origins of their population; rural areas have changed
significantly with the establishment of multinational companies, and an
increasing number of people moving to the countryside and commuting to work
in urban areas. The aim of this conference is to analyse these changing
urban and rural landscapes, both physical and psychic, mapping how they are
reflected in literature, culture, and language from the turn of the
twentieth century to the present day. Papers are welcome from a broad range
of disciplines including: Literary Studies; Ecocriticism; Media and Film
Studies; Cultural Studies and Popular Culture; Postcolonial Studies; Gender
Studies; Critical Theory; Linguistics Studies. Possible topics include but
are not limited to:

• Cosmopolitan hybridity and the “real Ireland”
• New suburbs and new Irish identities
• Pastoral nostalgia
• Urban malaise
• Women in urban and rural Ireland
• Religion and the urban/rural experience
• The representation of sacred spaces in Irish art and literature
• Fairy tale and folklore collecting and re-writing, especially the works
of Oscar Wilde, Lady Wilde and Sir William Wilde, Lady Gregory and W.B. Yeats
• Irish peasantry and nation-building
• Ambiguities of primitivism in the construction of Irish identity
• Tradition and modernity in urban/rural Ireland
• Urban and rural expressions of Irishness
• City slickers and country bumpkins
• The city as spectacle and the theatrical spaces of Dublin
• Covert and overt prestige in rural and urban Ireland
• Traditional/modern: Variation and change in Irish English
• Urban trends and rural conservatism

Abstracts of no more than 200 words should be sent by email to Irene
Gilsenan Nordin ( and to Carmen Zamorano Llena (, while
abstracts dealing with nineteenth-century subjects/authors should be sent
to Florina Tufescu-Fransson ( Abstracts dealing with
language/linguistics should be sent to Una Cunningham ( The
deadline for submission of abstracts is 1 September 2008. A selection of
the papers presented at the conference will be published in book form.

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