UPDATE: [African-American] Critical Perspectives on Percival Everett

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Keith B. Mitchell
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Percival Everett is one of the most gifted African American/American
writers working today. In a brilliant career that spans over twenty-five
years, Everett has written sixteen novel, three short story collections,
one children’s book and one highly acclaimed collection of poetry. Yet,
unlike his contemporaries John Edgar Wideman and Charles Johnson, there
has been a dearth of serious critical attention given to this most
important author. This important collection of essays seeks to remedy
this oversight. Perspective topics include:

1. Percival Everett and the African American Literary Tradition
2. Percival Everett’s Western Novels
3. Re-imagining the West in Percival Everett’s Novels and Short
4. Percival Everett: Literary Theory and Philosophy
5. Percival Everett and American Publishing
6. Women (or Lack thereof) in Percival Everett’s Novels and/or Short
7. Eco-criticism on Percival Everett’s fiction
8. Percival Everett and Western and Non-Western Mythology
9. Percival Everett and Speculative Fiction
10. Percival Everett and the Grotesque
11. Percival Everett and Religion
12. Percival Everett and Identity Politics
13. Violence in the Novels of Percival Everett
14. The Other Percival Everett: Short Story Writer/Poet/Children’s
Book Author

Completed manuscripts are due October 15, 2008. Submit 300-500 word
proposals/abstract/queries by September 15, 2008 to: Dr. Keith B.
Mitchell, University of Massachusetts at Lowell, Department of English,
O’Leary Library, 61 Wilder Street, Lowell, MA 01854,

NOVELS: Suder (1983), Walk Me to the Distance (1985), Cutting Lisa (1986;
re-issued 2000), Zulus (1990), For Her Dark Skin (1990), God's Country
(1994), The Body of Martin Aguilera (1994), Watershed (1996), Frenzy
(1997), Glyph (1999), Grand Canyon, Inc. (2001) [Novella], Erasure
(2001), A History of the African-American people (proposed) by Strom
Thurmond, as Told to Percival Everett and James Kincaid (2004), American
Desert (2004), Wounded: a novel (2005), The Water Cure (2007)

SHORT STORY COLLECTIONS: The Weather and Women Treat Me Fair: Stories
(1987), Big Picture (1996), Damned If I Do: Stories (2004)

CHILDREN’S LITERATURE: The One That Got Away (1992)

POETRY COLLECTIONS: re:f (gesture) (2006)

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