CFP: [Medieval] Pride, Arrogance, and Insolence: Shaping Values and Identity in Medieval Culture (9/15/08))

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Wolfram R. Keller

Panel at the 44th International Congress on Medieval Studies
7-10 May 2009, Kalamazoo, Mich.

The evolution of values and the identities they shaped has received a somewhat short shrift in
the burgeoning cultural history of the Middle Ages. Despite the increasing sophistication of
modern heuristic tools, values--in their philosophical, economic, political, and other meanings-
-have been assigned to the domain of normative ethics, to be explored mostly from a
theological and discursive point of view by experts on sin, vice, and virtue. Quite frequently,
pride, and even more so arrogance and insolence, are casually mentioned as unhistorical
phenomena with fixed meaning. As Lester Little's seminal article revealed almost a quarter of a
century ago, however, a detailed inquiry into the evolution of pride has much to tell us about
crucial shifts in the formation of medieval culture. Our panel proposes to revisit the
fountainhead of vice and its offshoots and explore their etiology and genealogy, their meaning
and contents in specific contexts, and the dimensions and function of diverse conceptualizations
of pride, arrogance, and insolence as markers of individual, group, and social identities. We
expect the panelists to shed light on a central issue: is there added value in the juxtaposition of
established discursive constructs and social developments? Is there epistemological benefit in
exploring the meaning and function of the social and collective disapproval expressed through
the notions of pride, arrogance, and insolence? We invite papers that explore the intersection of
the ethos transpiring in the conceptualizations of pride and its related phenomena, on the one
hand, and identity-making, on the other, from all possible points of view and within the
frameworks of any discipline.

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