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Marissia Fragou
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    ***Please forward this CFP to your graduates/postdocs***
    Platform Postgraduate eJournal of Theatre & Performing Arts
    This is a reminder that the deadline for our next issue is August 22nd 2008

    Call For Papers: Vol 3, No 2: Objects of Engagement
Submissions are invited from postgraduates, postdoctoral researchers and
entry-level academics in the fields of theatre and performing arts for the
next edition of Platform, a themed issue, titled Objects of Engagement.
This issue wishes to raise questions regarding theatre and performance’s
relationship to the materiality of our world by examining the object and
its status within diverse cultural, historical and social contexts and by
exploring the various roles that artefacts and objects play in shaping our
understanding of performance. Submissions might look at performance and
non-performance strategies that seek engagement with particular
objects/bodies/spaces. They might explore the various modes of interaction
between human consciousness and inert matter, and the shifting boundaries
of subject-object relationships.
    Topics might include, but are by no means limited to:
    â€¢ Object, body, space, time
    â€¢ Objects and perception
    â€¢ Objects and the archive
    â€¢ Objects and the community
    â€¢ Object/performer/spectator
    â€¢ Objects and ritual
    â€¢ Objects and reception
    â€¢ Familiar/Functional/Broken/Recycled/Fetishised objects

    Submissions should be around 4,000 words. Platform also welcomes
practice-based and interdisciplinary papers.
    The deadline for submission is Friday 22nd August 2008
    Papers should be sent as email attachments, along with a short
abstract, to:
    Details of our submission guidelines can be found on our website
(www.rhul.ac.uk/drama/platform) and we recommend that potential
contributors familiarise themselves with these before sending in their
papers. All papers are reviewed by one academic and one peer reviewer,
provided they meet our submission guidelines.

    Platform is a refereed electronic journal devoted to postgraduates,
postdoctoral researchers, and entry-level academics in the fields of
theatre and performing arts. Platform is run by postgraduates for
postgraduates, and is based at the Drama and Theatre Department of Royal
Holloway, University of London.

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