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Dr. Robert Kirkbride
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Geometries of Rhetoric
Call for Papers
Special issue of the Nexus Network Journal
Fall 2009
Guest editor, Robert Kirkbride, Ph.D.

Humans apprehend and transform the world through the description of its
qualities and delineation of its quantities. Although these modes of
analysis and expression are often placed in contrast to one another, for
example as the verbal and mathematical arts, products of human ingenuity
literally and figuratively embody a weave of alphanumerics. Mythic
parables, geometric proofs, memory arts, logarithms, buildings and cities
have emerged from the interplay of measure and explication. This call for
papers seeks past, present and potential examples of the combination and
permutation of “geometries of rhetoric” as demonstrated through the
discipline of architecture.

Please send a 500 word abstract and a brief bio or CV to Robert Kirkbride
at as Word or pdf attachments by September 30,

Reviews of appropriate books and exhibits are also welcome.

Submission does not guarantee publication; all submissions will be
peer-reviewed before being accepted for publication.

Founded in 1999, the Nexus Network Journal (NNJ) is a peer-reviewed journal
for researchers, professionals and students engaged in the study of the
application of mathematical principles to architectural design. Its goal
is to present the broadest possible consideration of all aspects of the
relationships between architecture and mathematics, including landscape
architecture and urban design.

Bibliographic Data â€" First published in 1999 by Kim Williams Books â€"
Editor-in-Chief, Kim Williams â€" Since 2007
co-published and distributed by Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel â€" Published
electronically and in print, 1 volume per year, 3 issues per volume â€"
Format: 17 x 24 cm â€" ISSN 1590-5896 (print) â€" ISSN 1522-4600 (electronic)
â€" Back volumes are available â€" electronic access for subscribers:
Abstracted/Indexed in: Avery Index of Architectural Publications,
Mathematical Reviews, MathSciNet, SCOPUS, ZDM (Zentralblatt für Didaktik
der Mathematik), Zentralblatt Math

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