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Victoria Kuttainen


In rural Australia, what is now called “the Outback” or once, “the bush,”
the noun “country” has long been the normal term for what outsiders like
to call “The Land.” In popular usage, “country” is not, however, merely a
synonym for The Land. It has referred to specific areas, particular
places, and it is also, of course, a marked term in Indigenous Australian
usage: “Bindal country” or “Wulgurukaba country.” Here it conveys a sense
of ownership different to white or settler Australian understanding: of
living inâ€"and belonging toâ€"place, and sharing subjective borders
congruent with your particular “country.”

LiNQ (Literature in Northern Queensland), produced by the Department of
English at James Cook University, is a peer-reviewed publication that has
been premier journal of tropical Australia since its inception in 1969.
LiNQ now proposes an issue where “country matters” functions in these
Australian senses: not as a quaintly old-fashioned English euphemism, but
as a noun preceding a verb: “country MATTERS.” LiNQ calls for academic
submissions that address this matter of country in such senses,
discussing literature and/or culture, present or past, with preference
given to the Antipodean North: North Queensland, Northern Australia, the
Pacific this side the Equator. Discussions might range from the literary
or filmic methods of evoking landscape to the enduring effect of
landscape, history, culture in critical analyses that explore the import,
and the importance, of place.

Submissions are requested in double-spaced 12 point Times New Roman, with
MLA referencing, and in Word .doc format. Please send files as
attachments to the LiNQ editorial board care of

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