CFP: [Gender Studies] Experiencing Gender

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Pilar Cuder
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IV International Interdisciplinary Conference
Universidad de Huelva, Spain
6-7-8 May 2009

After the success of the three international conferences on gender studies
held in 1998, 2001 and 2005, the Women’s Studies Centre at the University
of Huelva invites proposals for papers on experiencing gender. We would
like to share experiences of gender across time, space, and bodies. Is this
an ex-gender era, i.e., has gender stopped being a necessary category for
understanding human experiences? Or is it still crucial to understand the
ways in which we relate to each other in society as well as to promote a
more egalitarian one? Related topics may include:
• the role of (women’s/ feminist) associations and institutions in the
construction of gender;
• discourses on gender: life writing, confessional discourse,
autobiography, auto/ethnography, non-sexist language, genderlects,
rhetorics of gender;
• staging gender, gendering the stage; gender in the visual arts; gender in
films and media; gendered iconographies;
• experiencing the body as the seat of sexed/gendered identity:
transsexuality, trasvestism, gay rights, genital mutilation;
• consciousness-raising events and experiences; women’s gatherings, support
and therapy groups, self-help books, and their impact on gender;
• teaching and research on women’s studies and gender studies: current and
future agendas;
• marketing gender: the commodififcation of gender in western society;
• gendering ecology: gender and sustainable development;
• experiencing spirituality and gender: is feminism compatible with religion?
• biological motherhood, adoption, new family structures;
• the “feminized” professions: redefining the disciplines from a feminist
• the legal structuring of gender: does the law help expand the concept of
gender or otherwise?
• gendering war and terrorism;
• masculinity and gender violence: how can men stop violence against women?
• new and old classroom approaches to gender;
• the politics of health and care: pregnancy, childbirth, women and
androcentrism in medical research;
• new cultures of travel: gender and tourism;
• Living multiculturalism: gender, ethnicity and race; globalization and
its discontents.

Deadline for abstracts (300-500 words in either English or Spanish): 15
December 2008. Acceptance of papers will be notified around 15 February
2009. Papers should not exceed 10 pages (2,500-3,000 words, 20 minutes’
delivery) and they can be presented in either language. A selection of the
conference papers will be considered for publication.
More information will be available soon on:

Please send your abstract by e-mail to:

IMPORTANT: Three bursaries covering accommodation and board during the
conference will be awarded to graduate students or independent scholars in
need of financial assistance; unfortunately, travel costs CANNOT be funded.
If interested, please attach your CV and an expression of interest in a
bursary when you e-mail your abstract.

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