CFP: [General] Twentieth-Century American Literary Masculinity: Man or Myth?

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Kathleen McDonald
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This panel proposes to look at how several American texts in the 20th
century questioned “what is male/masculine?” in a century when feminism
drastically altered the answer to “what is female/feminine?” The
panelists will examine how their books/films undertook that task by
asking one central question: How does the creator construct what it means
to be masculine in an age when that is no longer a foregone
determination? What tools, roles, tasks and/or world views are depicted
in/by the male characters, either in strait-forward depiction or by
implication, that inform the reader of the author’s understanding of
being male in the modern world? Do these depictions continue unimpeded
along the spectrum from the male-dominated 19th century, or does the
woman’s movement push off of that earlier, unquestioned center to one
that must account for equitable gender relations and its attendant social
alterations, and thus launch a challenge to perceptions and depictions of
what it means to be a man? This panel seeks one or two papers on this
topic. Please email a 250-word abstract to Professor Kathleen McDonald
at by Monday, September 15, 2008. The panel is
anticipated as part of the 7th Annual Hawaii International Conference on
Arts & Humanities from January 9 - 12, 2009

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