CFP: [Cultural-Historical] [ACLA 2009 Seminar:] Asian Heroic Narratives in the Global Context (11/3/08; ACLA, 3/26-29/09)

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Hongmei Sun
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This panel invites papers that examine the transformation of images of the
heroic in Asian narratives when they evolve in interactions with other
cultures, growing in a new cultural space. We are specially interested in
exploring the change in the representation of a hero/heroine: what it
represents traditionally and what it means today when local cultures are
faced with global influences. Traditional heroic narratives of Asian origin
often flourish with offshoots, being adapted to a variety of modern media,
and probably revised to contemporary settings. While these narratives are
alive, the heroes/heroines in them are also living heroes/heroines. We
especially seek papers that focus on the remodeling of traditional
heroes/heroines in modern literature and cinema.

Themes and topics can include, but are not limited to:

--Biopower and the heroic: How are the local/global relations negotiated in
narratives of the heroic? How is the heroic body regulated by local and
global discourses? How is sexuality in heroic narratives regulated? What
happens when a national hero is required to become transnational?

--Space and the heroic: Where does the heroic "take place" in both
traditional and modern narratives? Where do heroes/heroines locate
themselves in the interactive network of the local and the global? How does
such space participates in the modulation of the heroic image?

--Translation and the heroic: What happens when traditional narrative of
the heroic is translated into the modern time and global culture? What
happens when the Asian hero travels to the western culture? How is the
sphere of translation itself the sphere of the heroic? Is there a global
language for the heroic, originated from or specified by the local culture?

--Reception and the heroic: How has the reader's reception and expectation
modulated the heroic narrative when moving into a globalizing time? How has
modern medium, such as film, internet, and comics, takes part in the
moderation of the heroic image?
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