CFP: [Poetry] Eco-critical Readings of Irish Poetry

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Dr Borbala Farago
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Eco-critical Readings of Irish Poetry
Edited by Jody Allen Randolph, Borbála Faragó and Kathryn Kirkpatrick

Call for Papers

Eco-criticism represents one of the most exciting and innovative
approaches to contemporary literary studies. In the context of a twenty-
first century Ireland, where environmental change under the impact of
economic growth and urban sprawl has reached a pace unrivalled since the
deforestation of the seventeenth century, ecocritical explorations of
texts are of particular relevance. Despite a distinguished lineage of
Irish poetry on environmental topics which dates back to the Gaelic
nature poetry of the medieval period, and which included the
extraordinary and poignant reaction of Early Modern poets to the
environmental changes of their era, currently no critical volume exists
which focuses on issues relating to eco-critical themes in Irish poetry.

Contributions are invited on any topic that engages with the relationship
of humankind to its environment within Irish poetry, including, but not
limited to, the following:
• Environmental justice
• Gender and environment
• Environmental racism
• War and environment
• Cultural geography (space and place, non-places)
• Genre issues (pastoral, elegy, etc.)
• Language (How do our understandings of language change in a
   post-natural world? How do the insights of structuralism and
   post-structuralism apply to our understandings of environment?)
• Diaspora and the new immigration and environment
• Comparative studies (Irish and Anglophone, Irish and American,
  European, etc.)
• Negative poetics (toxicity narratives, eco apocalypticism,
   illness, illness as metaphor in environmental literature, etc.)
• Relationship between environmental literature and activism
• Queer theory and environment
• Human-animal studies in Irish poetry
• Discourse of animal and other non-human rights
• Urban, suburban, exurban, edge spaces and environment
• City as environment, both built and ‘natural’ spaces
• Local/global interaction
• Intersections of postcolonial and ecocritical (mythographies of
• Regional and bioregional poetics
• Border theory and environment
• Visual culture, literary culture and the environment
• Food and food legislation
• Ocean as environment (Irish Sea, Western Seaboard)
• Oceanic comparative studies (Ireland and Wales, Black and Green
Atlantic, etc.)
• Planetary and other theoretical approaches
• Modernism/postmodernism and the environment
• Silence as ecopoetic meditation
• Post-pastoral poetry
• Nature and mourning
• Environmental identities

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Deadline for abstracts is 30th of January 2009

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